Intensive ‘wrap around’ programmes for vulnerable children in foster care and adoptive placements

Many families struggle with inter personal relationships, particularly after divorce and separation, or where new families are formed and adjustment proves difficult. Sometimes families struggle with contact issues and children are caught in the middle of complex family dynamics. I can help the adults to find a positive way forward that allows children to reach their full potential without the anxiety of divided loyalties.

Placement of very traumatized children is generally more complex and often requires intensive intervention in the early stages if breakdown is to be averted. With this in mind I can offer a 'one stop' wrap around service to the children, family and to the professional system. Examples of interventions may include;

  • Consultations to foster carers to help them better understand challenging dynamics within the family, its impact upon them as carers and the family as a unit.

  • Individual work with the young person to support their emotional well being at times of crisis by providing a safe space for young people to explore some of the challenges that have impacted upon them in life. By working through difficult experiences, making sense of the resulting feelings and developing strategies to manage everyday life, young people can be supported to develop resilience and ultimately to become successful independent adults.

  • Consultation to the professional network that promotes a better understanding of the complexities of the case and how this impacts upon case planning and the decision making process, in particular where cases become entrenched with little change or movement.

  • Assessment of the young persons emotional wellbeing needs that can support professionals to identify appropriate future placement needs, particular important for children with complex needs and those who have experienced multiple placement moves.

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