Specialist psychotherapeutic assessments for court that include sibling assessments, placement, therapeutic need and permanency planning

Traumatic life events can impact upon our daily lives in a multitude of ways and for some this is manageable, for others debilitating, resulting in an inability to positively manage everyday life. Often it can be unclear what type of support is needed for a young person who is struggling resulting in an equally large challenge for the organisations that are charged with the responsibility of ensuring those needs are met.

With my experience in the assessment of young people’s emotional well-being and therapeutic needs I can offer a range of assessments to support case planning such as sibling and placement needs through to future planning, or permanency and therapeutic interventions. It may be that you require a court report, are responding to recommendations from the outcome of other professional assessments, or simply worried about a young person in your care that is struggling. Perhaps there are questions as to whether siblings are placed together, or that a decision needs to be made about placement settings such as long term fostering or adoption. It may simply be that you are concerned for someone in your family, that you care for or are connected too who may need support with their emotional well-being.

I can offer a professional high quality bespoke service tailored to meet your need. To discuss individual requirements please contact me for a confidential consultation.

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