Clinical supervision

As an accredited qualified practicing therapist who is registered with the Department of Health, I have extensive experience in delivering quality clinical supervision to practitioners from varying disciplines and backgrounds. My theoretical base is predominately psychoanalytic but I also utilise systemic, cognitive behavioural and attachment based approaches to case work. Clinical supervision is a vital component to safe and ethical practice and provides an essential part of supporting quality interventions in line with clinical guidelines recommended by professional regulatory bodies.

Supervision can be offered monthly in order to comply with professional guidelines or more frequently in response to individual need. All enquires are welcome.

Consultation for groups, professionals and individuals

It has been widely researched and documented that working with complexity has a vast impact upon professionals as individuals and their organisations who are charged with the responsibility of promoting positive outcomes for children. Internal pressures within organisations to deliver safe and good quality care within a legal framework and external pressures from commissioners to meet targets can often prevent managers from being able to deliver quality reflective support they understand is essential to their team members. The impact of such pressures can often manifest themselves within teams demonstrated through challenged working relationships, struggles with decision making, children who fail to thrive, high turnover of staff members and increased staff absence.

I have considerable experience in delivering consultation to educational settings, social work teams, residential staff, health staff, foster carers and parents. Consultation can be delivered to whole teams around the impact of working with the complexity of relationships and trauma on a daily basis and therefore the importance of recognizing conscious and unconscious processes that impact upon our ability to actively promote young people and work effectively together as a cohesive team.

>Approaches to group consultation can be designed to meet the individual need of the organisation and may include Process - groups that focus upon the complexity of dynamics within teams and Reflective practice that focus upon individual cases through presentation and group discussion.

Frequency of group consultations can be discussed and range from weekly to monthly. Consultation is an essential part of effective management and is widely used in all business spheres including education, social care and mental health settings. All enquires whether they are for one off or on going commissions are welcome.

The importance of emotional functioning Government guidelines state that mental health is everyone’s business, I make it my business to ensure that we can all support this viewpoint. All enquiries are welcome and I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your needs further.

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