Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life continuously throws each of us challenges. For a majority of the time, with help from our family and friends, we manage to ride life’s little ‘up’s and down’s’. However for some who have experienced difficulties or suffered trauma, life’s challenges have not gone so well. At times we may have experienced traumatic events and although supported by friends and families, we have not had access to the professional support we need. It is these difficult life experiences that can often seem overwhelming and begin to negatively impact upon our ability to manage everyday life leaving us feeling that we do not have the resources to cope. At a time like this support from experienced professionals can offer us a reflective space with the opportunity to safely explore and work through our difficulties. Together we can begin to develop skills and build the personal resilience needed to continue to be successful in the future.

I have extensive experience of working with individuals, couples and families for both short and long term interventions providing a safe, confidential and professional space to explore a multitude of issues such as relationship difficulties, domestic violence, abuse, alcohol and drug misuse, self esteem, bereavement and loss and work place difficulties. I can offer a bespoke service that has the ability to use a broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches from solution focused to psychodynamic.

Therapy for children and adolescents

It can be very distressing for parents and carers to witness the young people they care for struggling with managing everyday life or trauma as a result of challenging life experiences. Often we can be left feeling inadequate and helpless when we are unable to provide specialist support ourselves as parents. During times of distress it can be extremely helpful to access counseling and psychotherapy from an experienced and qualified therapist in a child friendly way such as using play based therapies through to the more widely recognised traditional talking therapies. Each approach can be tailored to suit individual need while taking into consideration for example, a young person's current developmental stage. In addition a bespoke service can also form part of a 'wrap around' package and be in response to recommendations made as a result of psychological or mental health assessment.

Therapeutic interventions can include short-term work that focuses on a specific difficulty for example identity, belonging, or self-esteem through to longer-term work, for example attachment, trauma and abuse.

Therapeutic interventions may consist of weekly or fortnightly sessions for individuals, couples or families. Private, confidential comfortable surroundings are provided as a space to safely explore life experiences and resulting challenges. Work can also be offered in educational and organisational settings by prior arrangement.

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